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Free Marketing Templates for You

Need help with your in house marketing team - here are some basic templates I've used and found helpful in the past.

They are completely free to download and don't require any email or subscription. Feel free to use them wherever you like.

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Free Email Marketing Templates

Each template provides a general outline for the emails as well as some tips for how each can be used or implemented.

Welcome Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing templates to welcome users who fill out a form to talk with you or purchase product/start a free trial.

Get Started Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing template to welcome users who just purchased your product or started a free trial/freemium.

Blog Subscriber Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing template to welcome new blog or newsletter subscribers and set expectations for future communication.

Onboarding Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing templates for onboarding users after a purchase or the start of a free trial and getting them to product value.

Free Chat GPT Prompts

Each eBook provides a range of prompts that can be used in various marketing scenarios as well as tips to get the best output.

Chat GPT Prompts for Marketing

Get more clicks, leads, and sales with ChatGPT-powered marketing prompts. Unleash the power of AI to supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Chat GPT Prompts for Business

Streamline workflows and boost productivity with ChatGPT.  Find solutions faster, connect with customers, and outsmart the competition.

Chat GPT Prompts for Writing SEO Blogs

Write better, faster, and smarter with ChatGPT.  Generate captivating headlines, overcome writer's block, and publish SEO blogs in record time.

Social Media Prompts for Chat GPT

Unlock endless creativity for your social strategy. Generate engaging captions, on-trend hashtags, and compelling posts in seconds with these ChatGPT-powered prompts.